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LivModern Case Study

LivModern Case Study
Today’s homebuyers are looking for more than just the latest appliances and fixtures, they want their new home to include state-of-the-art electrical technology to keep them safe, connected and free to enjoy the conveniences of smart living.

Dominic Vozella, owner of LivModern, a Builder/Developer in the Chicago area, is keenly aware of the value quality electrical products contribute to an enhanced lifestyle. His passion for all things electrical stems from years of owning and operating an Electrical Distributorship before founding LivModern in 2018. “Location, functionality and contemporary style with an attention to detail is our primary objective,” said Vozella. “With so much new home construction designed in traditional style, we decided to deviate from this norm and build contemporary homes with a focus on open floor plans and exceptional finishes.” His latest home in trendy Roscoe Village exemplifies this vision with its clean lines, neutral palette and meticulous attention to detail for refined urban living.

Delivering What Customers Want

“Consumers today are very smart. They educate themselves on everything by constantly exploring and researching all aspects of a prospective purchase and a home is no exception,” said Vozella. Years ago, new home buyers may not have been as informed, or as interested, in the electrical component of their homes as they are today. “Our buyers’ expectations are high. They want ‘Plug and Play’ functionality,” noted Vozella. This translates into expert wiring, top of the line surround sound, USB charger devices in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, Decora Smart™ Wi-Fi® dimmers and switches throughout the home, occupancy sensors in closets, pantries and laundry rooms…the list goes on. Vozella pointed out that all these electrical amenities contribute to achieving a balanced lifestyle where residents feel comfortable and empowered while living, working and entertaining in their home.

Expert Advice

With technology evolving daily, it’s important for builders to be up-to-date on the latest devices and their functionality so they can offer the best products to their customers and stay a step ahead of the competition. “As the owner of an electrical distributorship I learned the value of working with Leviton’s sales team to learn about new products,” said Vozella. “I followed that practice when building this business and make it a point to always speak directly to manufacturers to learn about what they are offering. Educating yourself always helps!”

And customers notice. Vozella clearly integrates the technology offered in his homes in marketing materials, signage, MLS and other collateral. He said, “I point out what we’re offering above and beyond. For example, I leave the ‘smart switch’ logo on the device so it opens up a conversation when showing the home.”

And sometimes, all it takes is opening a conversation to close a deal!