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On-Demand Webinar

On-Demand Webinar

HDBaseT 101 | Webinar

IT/AV Designs for Schools

Classrooms have graduated from chalkboards and overhead projectors to connected and collaborative tools, like interactive white boards, HD displays, and more. AV technology expectations in today’s K-12 and higher education classrooms are significant. The challenge is to provide AV tools that:

  • Maximize student engagement
  • Are easy to use and maintain
  • Meet budgetary guidelines

This presentation explores standards, technologies, methods, and scenarios for utilizing BICSI IT Permanent Link infrastructure to connect AV devices using HDMI, VGA and USB signals. It also explains HDBaseT™ technology and its capability for extending AV and IT signals over a single category cable to support the current and future high-definition video experience.

Don't miss this on demand webinar! You'll walk away with an understanding of the products, systems, and tools to integrate IT/AV into your classrooms.