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Korea Telecom Seocho Building

Korea Telecom Seocho Building
Korea Telecom is one of South Korea's most respected and innovative technology companies, recognized around the world for excellence.

To make their facilities smarter, Korea Telecom turned to the energy solution industry's leader—Leviton.

For one of Korea's most cutting-edge technology companies, only the most advanced and intelligent lighting control technologies would do the job. Leviton's state-of-the-art GreenMAX® Relay Control Panel system and daylight harvesting solution products interconnected with advanced IT technologies, leading to a 35% reduction of energy consumption.

Connecting Technology & Savings
Korea Telecom is Korea's biggest telecommunication company with interests extending into real estate, car rental, building management and more. In their modern Seocho commercial office building, Korea Telecom recognized a need to move forward in energy efficiency. Lights were left on full bright throughout the building during all work hours an outdated and inefficient lighting model.

"GreenMAX interconnectivity led to a 35% reduction in energy consumption."

Working with Leviton opened up a variety of lighting control solution to Korea Telecom. A daylight harvesting solution was proposed, which would include occupancy sensors, photocells, and miniZ™ Intelligent Daylight Harvesting Systems—all connected to a master Leviton GreenMAX centralized control system. The solution reduced Korea Telecom's energy consumption in response to the brightness of natural light in the space. Since the building was designed with numerous windows and atrium features, the daylight harvesting opportunities were plentiful. GreenMAX technology also allowed employees to control lighting and scheduling, a perfect fit for a technology leader.

Leviton Solutions Deliver on Savings
After installing Leviton GreenMAX and daylight harvesting systems in building offices and hallways, the Seocho Building has experienced a 35% reduction in lighting energy consumption. The solutions provided by Leviton were scalable and easy to implement. Interfacing with Korea Telecom's advanced IT technologies provided a new level of flexibility to employees and facility management staff. As a result, employees are enjoying a smarter, more ambient space while reducing overhead costs.