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Heart Hospital

Heart Hospital Case Study

Heart hospital uses Leviton Lighting Controls in patient and public areas to create a calm and safe healing environment.

The Challenge

A new heart hospital in Arkansas wants to control the lighting in patient areas, elevator lobbies, and “back of house” areas like private offices and lounges.

The Installation

Leviton worked closely with project specifiers and the agent to create lighting controls for public, private,and patient areas.

The Solution

Leviton installed GreenMAX DRC Line Voltage Room Controllers and Smart Packs in the patient rooms for a networked multi-zone control solution. This allows patients to control the lighting in various locations in their rooms from the pillow switch.

Sapphire Touch Screens installed at the nurse’s stations allowed nurses to create a comfortable, healing environment for patients from one centralized control station. 

In the “back of house” areas such as private offices, storage spaces, and restrooms, Leviton installed OSSMT and ODS10 sensors to save energy and to meet energy codes for occupancy/vacancy requirements.

GreenMAX DRC Room Controls

GreenMAX DRC offers a simplified distributed control solution for patient rooms by delivering a simple user interface for occupants and staff to control the lighting in the room and perform essential functions. GreenMAX DRC enables a full suite of lighting control capabilities, including programmable room behaviors, occupancy/vacancy sensing, daylight harvesting, scene control, and multi-location control for different types of lighting for virtually any application.

Sapphire Touch Screens

Sapphire provides a full-scale touchscreen solution for scene control, scheduling, occupancy sensing, daylighting, color tuning, and AV interconnection. Combine the easy system integration of Leviton commercial lighting controls with the flexibility of a customizable user interface.

Sapphire’s customizable interface with multiple tabs allows hospital staff to remotely access patient rooms and set lighting scenes to match the time of day.

Lighting and controls help achieve cost-savings in energy and maintenance for healthcare facilities while enhancing the patient experience and well-being and improving functionality for staff to provide effective care. When considering the needs of a healthcare facility, including hospitals, specialty clinics, and outpatient centers, Leviton delivers a single source for a high-quality and cost-effective packaged lighting and controls solution.

Leviton offers spec-ready lighting and control solutions for every space in a healthcare application to boost the overall patient experience and increase energy savings.