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Bryan School

Bryan School
Bryan, OH

The Customer

Bryan High School Gymnasium, located in Bryan, OH.

The Challenge

  • To preserve aesthetics: no drilling, patching, or additional wiring allowed.

  • Current HID (high intensity discharge) lights provided poor quality of light, were slow to turn on, and were inefficient.

  • Complete installation without interrupting or cancelling class.

The Solution

Retrofit installation barriers were overcome by the energy harvesting and wireless attributes inherent to Leviton’s EnOcean-based lighting controls. The system provided controls for 7 rows of double-ballast fluorescent fixtures using 42 room controllers, repeaters, 4 dual rocker and 4 single rocker switches that implemented a bi-level lighting system with manual-on/auto-off functionality with high-bay occupancy sensors. Utilizing the non-invasive nature of wireless and battery less retrofits, Bryan HS did not experience closure, aesthetics were preserved and inefficiencies were eliminated.

The Results
The lighting system retrofit reduced energy usage at least 50% due to the following upgrades:

  • Bi-level lighting / Daylighting

  • Automated Occupancy Controls

  • Energy efficient fluorescent lamps & fixtures

  • Individual and Master controls for all seven zones