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Leviton VerifEye Series 7000 Meters

The Leviton VerifEye 7000 series is the perfect companion to the Leviton data acquisition product line. The versatile power metering functionality continues the Leviton mission of lowering the total cost of collecting data by reducing install complexity, and increasing flexibility. The plug-and-play integration ensures the hundreds of data points are immediately captured and made available for countless applications.

70D48-N4X UL508A Submetering Panel

Leviton UL508A submetering panels are designed to simplify the installation process and reduce logistical headaches. The 70D48-N4X UL508A submetering panel features a Series 7300 48 Multi-Circuit Meter, and fused voltage disconnects. Scalable, powerful, and drop-in ready, the 70D48-N4X Multi-Circuit Meter allows users to perform cost-effective, revenue grade metering, without complex logistical headaches. Also available with the 12 submeter.

Submetering architecture

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