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System Data Sheets

System Data Sheets

Fiber Systems

OPT-X™ - Available worldwide

  • HDX Unity System: ENG  |  ESP
  • HDX Engage System: ENG  |  ESP
  • E2X Unity System: ENG  |  ESP
  • E2X Engage System: ENG  |  ESP
  • SDX Premises System: ENG  |  ESP

Industrial Systems - Regional Systems

(USA) IX6850 Cat 6A Premium+ X/UTP System
(USA) IS6730 Cat 6A High-Flex SF/UTP System
(USA) IS6720 Cat 6A High-Flex SF/UTP System
(USA) IS6710 Cat 6A F/UTP System

AV Systems - Regional Systems

(USA) AV6850 10Gb/s AV UTP System
(USA) AV6400 1 Gb/s AV Shielded System