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VerifEye™ Tenant Submetering Solutions

A Win-Win for Management and Residents

Submetering for Builders

How do you attract customers with submetering?

There are many advantages to submetering versus direct metering with the utilities:

Benefits for Residents

AdvantageLower Utility Rates
What will attract residents?Energy cost savings
How does it work?A bulk rate can be lower than the direct residential rate paid when a new resident signs up with the utility. This applies to the other added fees in a utility bill as well.

Benefits for Owners

AdvantageCommon Area CostsAestheticsBuilding Costs
What will attract owners?Recapture electric costsEliminate unsightly equipment and repurpose spaces to generate revenueReduce infrastructure costs associated with utility style metering
How does it work?If an owner submeters, they can submeter common area loads and pass some of those costs on. This is not easy to do when owners direct meter with the utility.Eliminate large meter banks typically required by the utility. In vertical properties, it can free up space for other common purposes, such as storage, or rented.In some cases, overall building costs can be lower when using submetering due to reduction in the typical infrastructure necessary to support utility style metering.

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Submetering Solutions

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