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Under a Minute Video Series -
Gain Knowledge FAST!

Leviton has unveiled an exciting new video series entitled "Under a Minute.” This innovative series is designed to quickly educate maintenance personnel, distributor sales reps, contractors and installers in a wide array of topics. These range from timesaving solutions and answering common questions to debunking industry myths. Each bite-sized episode is packed with information, presented in a concise and easily digestible format.

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For instance, in the “Under a Minute” video, Leviton Inform Technology in Industrial Switches: Part 1, viewers get an exclusive look at how the Inform platform interacts with Leviton’s industrial devices. Inform, is a cutting-edge condition-monitoring technology that enables Leviton devices to provide real-time operational status data to the end-user, enhancing safety, productivity and efficiency. This Inform technology can be integrated with other IIoT and predictive maintenance solutions, making facilities smarter and reducing unplanned downtime.

Another example is the Leviton Inform Technology, in Industrial Switches Part 4,

which delves into the serious issue of liquid accumulation, highlighting Leviton’s innovative solution: a liquid accumulation sensor embedded in the bottom of the device. That sensor triggers alerts on the face of the device and to the Inform app when liquid is detected, before it reaches a critical level that can cause damage and device failure. This helps facilities avoid unplanned downtime, and possible equipment damage or personnel injury.
Furthermore, in the What is IP69K Rating in Leviton Wetguard Watertight Devices? video. Viewers are given an inside view of our industry leading watertight devices utilized in applications where high temperature, and high pressure washdowns are required. Reliable watertight and dust tight connections are extremely valuable in situations where moisture, dust and debris might compromise electrical connections, cause safety risks and ruin expensive equipment.

Leviton's commitment to innovation and education shines through in the Under A Minute series and is a testament to Leviton's dedication to creating practical information, easily accessible and quickly attained to aid distributors, installers and contractors in increasing their bottom line.

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