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Reducing the Complexity of Code Compliance

Designed with distributors, contractors and other electrical professionals in mind, Leviton has released a comprehensive video explaining code compliance and energy conservation especially as they relate to lighting controls and how Leviton Smart Sensor solutions ensure code confidence. The video is presented in a friendly conversational way that is easy to relate to. Viewers can view the video in its entirety for a complete overview or select from over 40 sections to focus on areas of interest. The timestamps allow users to navigate the content and quickly find specific topics.
Having a resource to help users stay compliant with the three major energy codes- California Title 24, ASHRAE 90.1 (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) and IECC (International Energy Conservation Code) is essential with the different versions being used in installation both in residential and commercial buildings. Many municipalities, for example, operate under older specifications such as IECC 2018 and even earlier versions. Leviton is committed to not only having products and solutions that meet earlier specifications, but also supporting current regulations and making sure contractors and other electrical professionals have the support they need at all levels.

Examples of timestamped subjects include:

00:25:03 - Frequency Sensing vs Sound Sensing: Instead of a smart room only being able to sense infrared movement and noise and turn on lights, Leviton has integrated cutting-edge technology to enhance sound and frequency sensing to limit random noises from triggering lights to come on, thus making devices that also can differentiate human activity sounds using microphonic technology. Available solutions include dimming and ON/Off applications which are programmable using either push button configuring or by utilizing the Leviton Smart Sensor app.

00:37:08 - Daylight Harvesting: Here we learn what daylight harvesting is, briefly what the codes mean, wattage requirements, and how all the codes have a minimum wattage exemption from the requirement from daylight harvesting. Leviton products that meet these codes include sensors, room controls, relays and integrated intelligent devices.

00:54:13 - Ladderless Commissioning®: In 2023, ladder citations were in the top three OSHA violations. Reducing the amount of time a worker is on a ladder has myriad advantages including safety, and time savings. The idea of ladder-less commissioning is something Leviton has been working diligently to bring industry leading solutions to the forefront. Using devices such as those with the smart ceiling sensor, associated with the Leviton Smart Sensor app, can significantly reduce ladder time, adjust scheduling, and confidence that code compliance is followed.

Leviton's commitment to innovation and safety ensures that electrical professionals have the tools and knowledge they need to navigate the complexities of energy codes confidently. By providing cutting-edge technology and extensive resources, Leviton empowers the electrical industry to deliver efficient, code-compliant solutions for both residential and commercial projects. For more information, viewers are encouraged to explore the video in detail and take advantage of the timestamped sections to deepen their understanding of specific topics. With Leviton’s support, staying current with evolving energy codes has never been easier!

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